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ConcTest - Concrete Compressive Strength Tester

Fastest concrete testing method available

The ConcTest has been developed to provide accelerated test results in comparison to the traditional laboratory concrete and cement prism and cube compressive strength tests.

comparable to BS EN 12390-3* and BS EN 196-1** standard strength test accuracy in minutes.    (*within +/- 5% tolerance,**within +/-10% tolerance

The Benefits


Time Efficient

Cost Effective

Simple and instantaneous test procedure


Determines the compressive strength of freshly mixed concrete, the compressive strength of the cement, cement quantity and water consumption within minutes

Hand held with user friendly interface

Data logging and USB results transferable to your PC or Mac

Supplied in flightcase kit

Any concrete manufacturer or end user that wishes to know the quality of the freshly mixed concrete instantaneously.
A unique method of non-destructive testing
with an unmatched
Laboratory tests have confirmed that our new method is comparable to BS EN 12390-3* and BS EN 196-1** standards.
(*within +/- 5% tolerance, **within +/-10% tolerance) 

Accuracy confirmed.

ConcTest Instrument test results are comparable

Multitude of performed tests have confirmed that our ConcTest instrument testing results are comparable to BS EN 12390-3* and BS EN 196-1** standards. 

Results are within *+/- 5% tolerance, **+/- 10% tolerance

Click on the link: GBC Test

We recommend that our instruments are used in conjunction with traditional testing methods, our aim is to provide an accelerated assurance of the quality of the concrete being used prior to batching or pouring.

Technical specification / Documentation


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User Manual

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