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BRE (British Research Establishment Ltd) Test Report 

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British Research Establishment Ltd (BRE), Watford, United Kingdom.

BRE carried out a series of concrete mixing, cube casting and compressive strength testing.

The main test programme was to cast three cubes from each of three different strength grade concrete mixes and to test for compressive strength at 28 days age. The purpose of testing was to compare these results to results obtained at the time of casting from our fresh concrete strength, the ConcTest Instrument.

The specimens for testing were cast at BRE on 17th August 2017 and were tested on the 14th September 2017.

Their report is a factual account of the testing undertaken by BRE. It also makes a comparison of the results with predictions of compressive strengths based on assessments of concrete mix parameters and materials made by the BRE using our ConcTest instrument - sections of the report can be released on request.


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