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About Us

CST Instruments Limited was formed in 2012 to research and develop pioneering instruments to test the compressive strength of cement and freshly mixed concrete primarily for use in the construction and oil exploration industries.

We are proud to introduce new innovative products that assist in accelerating the testing of the strength of cement and concrete products to the construction industry.

CST Instruments are the first company to offer dedicated instruments which can save time, cost and resources by using a unique method and formulation to provide an almost instantaneous feedback of the compressive strength of cement and freshly mixed concrete.

Our CemTest and ConcTest instruments are manufactured in the UK to the highest standards and have both been laboratory tested and trialed by respected international companies. 


Our instruments test results are comparable to BS EN 196-1 and BS EN 12390-3 prism and cube test or equivalent standards. 



With the help of an UK Innovate Award we have successfully developed and manufactured a handheld scientific instrument the ConcTest for the accelerated testing of the compressive strength (MPa) of cement and freshly mixed concrete.  The instrument can robustly calculate the predicted strength (MPa) within minutes rather than the current methods which takes weeks.


We recommend that our instruments are used in conjunction with traditional testing methods, our instruments are to provide an accelerated assurance of the quality of the cement and concrete being used prior to batching or pouring.

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