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The Future of Cement and Concrete Testing

Our instruments


Concrete Strength Tester

Introducing ConcTest, the ultimate Concrete Strength Tester! This handheld device boasts a simple and instantaneous test procedure, allowing you to effortlessly determine the compressive strength of freshly mixed concrete and the cement used, as well as the cement quantity and water consumption. With a user-friendly interface, data logging, and USB results transfer to your PC or Mac, ConcTest ensures seamless and efficient testing. Supplied in a convenient flight case kit, it’s the perfect tool for professionals on the go.


Cement Strength Tester

Meet ConcTest, the premier tester for determining the compressive strength of Portland CEM I and CEM II cements. This handheld device features a simple and instantaneous test procedure, coupled with

a user-friendly interface. Effortlessly log data and transfer results via
USB to your PC or Mac. Conveniently supplied in a flight case kit, ConcTest is the ultimate tool for professionals seeking reliable and efficient cement testing.

Our team

Welcome to CST Instruments, where expertise meets innovation in concrete and cement non-destructive testing. With a shared passion for quality and a relentless pursuit of innovation, we are poised to exceed expectations and deliver unparalleled insights into the integrity of concrete and cement structures. 

Our aspirations

Our commitment is to revolutionise the method of testing cement and concrete as construction projects become more important to developing countries worldwide.

As a team, we are determined to introduce new innovative ideas and products that assist in accelerating the test of the strength of cement and concrete products to the construction industry.

We have recognised in developing countries especially, that there is a need for accelerated testing of materials.


It is essential that in these countries they can identify the quality of products supplied for construction projects. However, the fact is that the traditional process takes 28 days, it's expensive and

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